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Our unique and cosy Victorian Turkish Baths offer a sanctuary like no other. Cocooned from the hustle and bustle of the City, we invite you to simply travel through each experience at your own pace reaping the benefits of the thermal journey and the powerful L.E.D lighting which have ensured that maximum benefit is achieved through minimal effort. There is no pool for swimming nor is there a jacuzzi to distract, we invite you to escape, exist and relax as if time had stopped for a while.

Our Spa Assistants will be happy to show you around at the start of your session to explain how to get the most from your visit whether it is your first visit or you would like a refresher. All visitors to the Spa are required to complete a health card upon arrival, please note, the Spa Experience is not suitable during pregnancy.
The Hammam

The ornate Hammam area is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the gentle heat of the marble benches before exploring the hot and cold experiences of the Turkish Bath. They also provide the perfect opportunity to soak up the history and heritage of the architecture and design, which has been the home of wellbeing in Sheffield for over 140 years. The therapeutic star lights offer a life-like shimmer and twinkle to ease stress and anxiety.
AromaSteam Room

The AromaSteam Room is heated to around 45°c. The aroma in this room is Mixed Citrus, it has a green LED light which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The steam opens up the pores and flushes out impurities, enhancing a smoother skin texture and promoting a more youthful looking skin. It’s also good for soothing any aching muscles and relaxing stiff joints.
Ice Cave

The use of the ice cave is to stimulate circulation by lowering the body temperature and exfoliating the skin using the ice. Whilst cooling and refreshing, the removal of dead skin cells will promote a smoother and more radiant skin and can also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The blue LED light is calming and helps boost the skin’s radiance.

Main Steam Room

Whilst the Main Steam Room has the same benefits as the AromaSteam Room, this is heated to around 70°c. It has a Eucalyptus essence which is beneficial for the sinuses and the respiratory system as it has a decongesting effect. The red LED light helps increase collagen production promoting a more youthful skin.

The Sauna

The Sauna is a dry heat experience and heated to around 90°c. It cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, relaxes aching muscles, helping to relieve stress and tension. This boosts your immune system, metabolic rate and circulation. The yellow LED light stimulates the lymphatic system.

Plunge Pool

The plunge pool is around 5-10°c, by plunging in to shoulder depth it will reduce the body temperature, having a toning effect, increasing circulation and helping to maintain a healthy heart rate. As the skins surface and underlying tissues cool, the blood vessels constrict, reducing any swelling or inflammation. The blue LED light is calming, helping to increase skins radiance.

Relaxation Lounge

The Relaxation Lounge, is a haven in it's own right. It's here where you can refresh with your favourite hot beverage or cool infused water. You can find mindfulness exercises, colouring or magazines. In addition the beautiful fish providing a calming and soothing feature that can help to reduce stress and anxiety through their mesmirising movements.

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