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It’s Sunday night in Sheffield, in some ways I feel like I blinked and missed the weekend and in others I am wondering how we crammed so much into two days. It’s been busy, really busy, in a good way, but busy. With a trip to the theatre, Valentine’s Day, a whizz down the M1 for a quick visit to that big shop resulting in us leaving hour later feeling sleepy with meatballs in our tummies and a long overdue catch-up with friends, meeting their gorgeous new baby before dashing home to get the children to bed at a reasonable hour. It’s been pretty hectic, but…WE DID IT! I know, it’s hardly deserving of a medal or even a mention but as I sat reflecting on a hectic family weekend it all seems a little hazy now. And I found myself thinking, “I need another weekend, to get over this one!”

So, eight o’clock and I found myself in need of a little sanctuary. A treat for myself that allows me to escape, if only for an hour and I was longing to try the Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath I got for Christmas especially as it’s our Treatment Manager, Beckie’s product of the month.  I’ve eagerly anticipated this moment as I am already a big fan of the Elemis Milk Bath, I can’t wait to see how this latest edition compares.

The first thing I love is how simple this product is to use, no overcomplicated instructions, no clockwatching required or a specific way to apply. Simply turn on the taps and pour the gorgeous Milk Bath into the flowing water. The water quickly transformed into a luxurious creamy texture, and much to my surprise (I love Rose but wasn’t sure about Jasmine) it smelt divine!
I couldn’t wait to get in. Before long I lay, undisturbed in a cocoon of nourishing Argan and Camellia Seed Oil. I couldn’t help but notice how relaxed I felt, as time just slipped away without a care in the world. A sense of calm and serenity literally washed over me and I soon felt the effects of all the rushing around simply melt away.

Once out I chose my favourite set of clean PJs and headed to the sofa to indulge in my favourite Sunday night telly. I felt like a different person to the one retreating to the bath a few hours ago. Well, they say all good things must come to an end but the after effects are equally as impressive, I am sat feeling cleansed and nourished. My skin feels gorgeously soft and well, pampered and it smells of the delicate fragrance resulting in enduring relaxation. I would have to say it’s been a pretty perfect Sunday evening…lucky me!

JASMINE AND ROSE MILK BATH, is available from Spa 1877.
400ml £42.00

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