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A series of unexpected events…

It was a normal day in the office when something exciting happened...Treatments Manager Beckie was looking for a model to test a new Pink Gel Nail Colour.  I didn't hesitate, I couldn't see any reason why not and I am always intrigued by Gel Nails for the fact they are dry instantly so I could get straight back to work following my treatment.

When they were finished they looked fabulous, a thin coating just like traditional varnish and a super glossy shine to boot.  I was excited that they were going to finish off every outfit I wore for the next few weeks which for me was such a treat as I never get round to painting my own nails (aside from special occasions).  I went about my normal business before encountering a range of unexpected events...surely even Gel Nails couldn't survive all this?

Girl Flu
Armed with tissues dowsed in balm my hands were busy on nose blowing duty in between which being coated in hand sanitizer! You can’t plan for it can you but when it hits, looking down at brightly coloured pink nails does go some way to lifting the spirits.

A Visit to the Spa Experience
A pledge to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen for years despite the fact she lives just 20 minutes away (How is that even possible!) Just one of those overdue things you finally get round to doing. From icy plunges to sweating in the sauna my nails were unphased (My friend even commented on how lovely they looked)

Pre-School Jabs and a Mob of Hungry Sheep
Whilst trips to the Doctors aren't generally considered a risk to nail polish, when followed by a visit to the farm I could not have predicted what happened next! What started as a visit to the local farm somehow became a pre-school demand to feed the animals. Well, she had been very brave, so I dutifully purchased a cup of feed for her.  With a keen sense for snack time the sheep were ready for us as we entered the barn, once the pellets had been spotted they were climbing over one another to get their helping.  At this point my pre-schooler decided this was definitely a job for Mummy, after all she could get a better view from the corner of the barn leading to me having to hand feed the sheep, who it appeared were ravenous nibbling away at my fingers in the process. The things we do!

A Sunday Treat
Yes, I am a lucky girl! Hubby offered to cook a roast dinner with all the trimmings. It was gorgeous and I enjoyed every minute but then realised it was only fair for me to tackle the pots, not just any pots…the roasting tray. This time I knew that it was it, there was no way my nails would survive a scouring pad and that amount of elbow grease…but they did!

Whether the weather
Finally these few weeks have seen rain, snowfall, sleet, sunshine and rainbows to name a few. Not a direct influence on the longevity of nail colour however the constantly changing temperature, humidity and conditions can take its toll.

To my amazement they survived it all, each of my ten pink nails had lasted. By the end of my fortnight of vibrant nails a few had just started to lift a touch at the base but in the end it was down the strength of my growing nails which gave the game away. After two vibrant weeks I waved a fond farewell to my Gel Nails feeling happy that we had shared so many experiences and looking forward to next time.

I booked into Essential Beauty to have them removed, which I found a surprisingly relaxing experience.  Whilst soaking and removing my Gels, my Therapist Charlotte shared the following top tip;
“You can help to take extra care of your Gel Nails by applying moisturiser or Slick Tips Cuticle Oil to your nails each evening before bed”

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