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Three things I love most about Lycon...

As a staunch shaver I was so in my routine with shaving I never gave it a second thought, it was just a sub-conscious part of my showering experience.  Occasionally I had tried the whole DIY waxing debacle with feelings of empowerment and confidence quickly replaced by terror as the afternoon quickly passed as I tried to summon the impetus to self-inflict pain to my legs. So, the trusty razor was victorious each time. 

Until one day, when I asked one of our Therapists about waxing.  I recall her best efforts to describe to me the benefits of the specialist wax Lycon, and then she said it “The best way to understand it really, is simply to try it for yourself”. And that was that…!
Whisked into the treatment room I promised myself it would be fine, I would try it once and then never have to have it again! However, it was surprisingly ok. We had a good natter and because she just got on with it there wasn’t all the anticipation of fear and pain that made it all seem 100% more awful at home. One thing led to another and I plucked up the courage (excuse the pun) to try the hot wax for bikini line.

My motivation for trying the ‘intimate waxing’ was three-fold, on  the one hand I loved the silky soft smooth skin I was enjoying on my legs and two, I had started taking my daughter swimming weekly and the constant shaving was taking its toll, three, experience had taught me that if you don’t try, you won’t know!

Armed with the theory that Specialist wax Lycon has taken the sting out of intimate streamlining for years, I was keen to know more.  It turns out that its actually pretty sophisticated stuff,  Lycon is different to traditional strip waxing because it works by shrink-wrapping the individual hair pulling it out by the roots.  This science bit combined with the use of a barrier oil means that your skin is protected making it a relatively pain-free experience.

In summary here are the three things I love most about Lycon…
1. The quality of the wax – my skin always feels softer and smoother for longer after waxing. At Spa 1877 we use the ‘So Berry’ flavour which has a lovely summertime feel to it! In addition we use the ‘Lavender’, because it sets quicker and successfully pulls out shorter hairs.
2. As I’ve described, the wax pulls more on the hair than on the skin, making it far less painful and causing less redness.
3. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in intimate Lycon waxing, in June alone our therapists completed 29 Hollywood waxes. Professional and dignified at all times our therapists have seen it all before (and paper pants are offered where appropriate)!

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