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1877 Victorian Rose Ritual

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£50.00 for 45 minutes
The 1877 Victorian Rose Ritual is a Spa 1877 signature treatment.

Harnessing the power of Moroccan Rose essential oil to strengthen, inspire and lift your spirits whilst rejuvenating oil nourishes and regenerates your skin.

Combining soothing massage techniques with pressure point work you will be left feeling tranquil and serene.

This balancing and stress-relieving treatment is perfect for easing muscular tension and stiffness in the back neck and shoulders, as well as clearing your mind and easing hormonal symptoms.
What you say...

"One word - extraordinary!!! Massage was so good I went to sleep"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Spa, and the treatment I had (the 1877 Victorian Rose Ritual) left me feeling like I was floating on air, the staff were friendly and helpful and the whole experience was lovely. I would definitely come again" Louisa

"Attended for Spa Experience and Victorian Rose Ritual. As always Spa 1877 lived up to it's impeccable reputation, facilities are second to none. Staff are friendly and attentive and the treatment was amazing. Left me feeling totally and utterly relaxed and I couldn't ask for anything more"

What we say...

"A stunningly beautiful treatment, I felt thoroughly spolit throughout this treatment. A wonderful experience the 1877 Victorian Rose Ritual offered a well deserved retreat for me to 'switch-off' and relax".
Lisa, Marketing Manager
The following medical conditions could prevent you from receiving this treatment: pregnancy; cancer; epilepsy; diabetes; thrombosis; recent operations; undiagnosed oedema.

Other conditions may also prevent or restrict treatment, or require written consent from your GP/consultant. If you have any questions or concerns please raise them at the time of booking your appointment and we will be happy to advise.
What do I wear during my treatment?
You can keep your own underwear on during your massage treatment or use the disposable underwear we provide. Your therapist will also use towels to keep you covered and warm throughout your treatment.

Can I have this treatment if I’m pregnant?
For your safety and comfort we don’t recommend this treatment for pregnant ladies, however we do offer specialised maternity massages, which you can view here.

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