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For all our specialised waxing we use the advanced hot wax method, and the highest quality organic Australian wax containing beeswax, natural resins and essential oils. This helps to significantly reduce discomfort and irritation, leaving the skin beautifully smooth and soft, but does take a little longer than standard ‘strip’ waxing.

Using the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance removing stubbon hairs as short as 1mm. For our intimate waxing our highly trained and experienced therapists use the Lycon hot wax method to make your treatment as pain-free as possible! 

About Lycon Precision Wax

Lycon was established in Australia in 1978, by internationally acclaimed beauty therapist Lydia Jordane. Lycon has been setting waxing standards on a global scale for decades and remains the market leader – famed for being super gentle, super pliable and virtually painless. Lycon enjoys unparalleled recognition worldwide for unsurpassed product quality and professional integrity – synonymous with consistency, quality and unrivalled effectiveness, and Lycon has become a firm favourite with waxing clients.

The following medical conditions could prevent you from receiving this treatment: diabetes; highly sensitive skin; sunburn; recent operations (on the treatment area); any open cuts, abrasions or wounds on the treatment area; if you are taking any skin thinning medication (such as roaccutane); any infectious skin conditions.

Other conditions may also prevent or restrict treatment, or require written consent from your GP/consultant. If you have any questions or concerns please raise them at the time of booking your appointment and we will be happy to advise.
What should I do following my waxing treatment?

We’ve put together some do’s and don’ts to help you achieve the best results from your hair removal treatment. Following these will help minimise any discomfort or irritation and keep your skin looking smoother for longer.

For 12-24 hours after your treatment:
• Wear loose clothing
• Don’t bathe
• Avoid heavy exercise or swimming
• Don’t apply perfumed products, deodorant or make-up to the area
• Don’t sunbathe or use a sunbed
• Following intimate waxing, avoid sexual activity

Between now and your next appointment:
• Exfoliate every 4-7 days to prevent ingrown hairs
• Use the Elemis Body Brush daily
• For any stubborn ingrown hairs that do appear, use Lycon Ingrown X-it Solution twice daily to heal and prevent

Can I use the Spa Experience on the same day as having waxing treatments?
We recommend that you do not use the Spa Experience prior to having waxing treatments as the combination of heat and moisture can make the skin more sensitive and your treatment more uncomfortable. Likewise you should not expose skin to extremes of heat (including our Spa Experience) after a waxing treatment as the skin is more sensitized and may react or become irritated.

What do I wear during my waxing treatment?
You can keep your own underwear on provided it doesn’t cover areas which your therapist needs to reach, however most clients prefer to use the disposable underwear we provide.

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